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About Andrew

I am a Certified Surrogate Partner, certified by the International Professional Surrogates Association. I am currently accepting clients and referrals, primarily women aged 30 to 80, who experience limitations in their intimate relationships and/or sexuality they wish to overcome.

"Andrew, you are doing the work you were meant for. Your intuition, sensitivity and empathy are just what is needed."

Dr. Cheryl Cohen Greene, 40-year Veteran Surrogate Partner, one of my mentors, and the real life surrogate played by Helen Hunt in the award-winning movie "The Sessions"

Andrew Heartman
February 2018

I recognize the extreme sensitivity of the issues my clients deal with, and feel that my most important function as a surrogate partner is to create a safe emotional environment. People have told me all my life that they feel safe around me. I believe it's the combination of the following traits that create this safety:

I am present. I have spent most of my adult life cultivating the ability to be really present, and by that I mean attentive, focused, and keenly aware of what's happening in the moment.
I listen. Sensitive and intuitive, I am an exceptional listener. My listening is fueled by a genuine interest and caring. My intention is to not only hear what you're saying, but also to help you say what you haven't been able to say.

“The way Andrew communicates is so clear it helps me be more clear, not only in my words but also in my thoughts. I feel really heard when I am with him.”   —Sue S.

I'm nonjudgmental. I have had several friends and former girlfriends who have dealt with sexual assault, so I have seen firsthand the effect that sexual abuse and its subsequent trauma can have on women's emotional and intimate lives. All of these experiences have engendered in me a deep compassion for an enormous range of human experiences. I am one of the most nonjudgmental people you will ever meet.
I am empowering. My intention is to empower your growth and confidence in who you are. I look for and see the parts of you that deserve to be honored, revered, respected, and loved. Once I see those parts of you, you will start to see them also. No matter what your age, body type, or lifestyle, your inherent beauty will be seen and accepted.

"Andrew's warmth and caring for everyone around him really
shows up and it is wonderful to be around."    — Ava

I am available. As a surrogate partner, I don't have an agenda to make a point, to be heard, or to satisfy my own emotional or sexual needs, and am fully available to support my clients on their healing journey. I’ve done a tremendous amount of healing work myself, and as a result, I am completely comfortable with my own body, my sexuality, and all parts of myself.

I've been pursuing personal growth through relationships since I've been old enough to have them. I feel most alive when exploring interpersonal communication, intimacy, relationships, and personal growth. Although it has not been in any formal way, I realize now that I've been doing this work all my life.

“When I think of Andrew, I think first of his warmth and his presence. He has a remarkable ability to focus his loving attention completely. Anyone fortunate enough to be working
closely with Andrew will know they are being held in a spirit of love and service.”

Jason Weston, Facilitator,
Human Awareness Institute
Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality Workshops

I see clients at several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, and Fremont. I am also open to traveling to work with clients in intensive therapy and other geographic areas.


Andrew Heartman
November 2014


Secretary, International Professional Surrogates Association, 2011 - Present

Training Coordinator, International Professional Surrogates Association, 2012 - 2015

Surrogate Partner Training, International Professional Surrogates Association, 2008

Interchange Counseling Institute, 2011

Sex Educator Training, San Francisco Sex Information, 2010

Professionally involved with healing and intimacy since 1997, including running a healing arts center, and practicing Breathwork, Energy Work, and Bodywork.

Regular staff member at the Loving Life Seminar, and in the Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality Workshops of the Human Awareness Institute, since 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Member, International Professional Surrogates Association

Member, American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists

Member, American College of Sexologists


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